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Sociedade Ideal de Vinhos de Aveiras de Cima, SA, founded in 1974, translated since then the experience and tradition to the service of quality of its wines.

A pioneer in several different aspects in terms of packaging, reflects the success of investments in technology in terms of production and packaging, placing us among the best both nationally and internationally. It is present in an increasingly global market with appropriate local adaptation, long privileging the relationship with almost all European countries, especially Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland. It is present in other markets such as Canada, Cape Verde, Guinea, Timor.

Oriented to the qualitative factors, we always invest because we believe in the investment in quality/price. It was this condition that has been differentiated over time.

SIVAC clearly benefits of always renewed restructuring and development measures. It is permanent our effort in seeking to improve the quality of our products and services.

The last few years were characterized by a continued growth in compliance with well-defined goals.
Today we are a solid company, a creditor of respect and trust that our partners placed in us.

In June 2008, the capital structure was Sociedade Anonima

SIVAC reflects the result of the contribution of all professionals who collaborate with it.

SIVAC is a company that produces, packs and sells red, white, rosé, liqueur wines and marc spirits on national markets and on the African, European and American continents.

SIVAC has as its ideal quality and service in the wine sector. All developments reflect our ideal, investing in new techniques and equipment, but without forgetting the tradition of wine production.

We believe that SIVAC's performance through efficient processes and methods allows us to anticipate the demands of our customers, thus obtaining high levels of satisfaction.

SIVAC intends, on the one hand, to continue to grow in a sustained manner in the markets where it is located and, on the other hand, to expand the marketing of its products to new markets.

Promote the SIVAC brand as the company responsible for creating the wines belonging to its portfolio.


- Maintain a quality standard

- Fulfill the agreement

- Ethics with Customers and Suppliers

- Sustainable company.


SIVAC concluded in April 2005 the 1st stage of its new facilities composed of the packaging and bottling unit. The installed storage capacity at this stage was 5.5 million liters.

Three bottling lines, three bag-in-box filling lines and two tetra pak packaging line.

Since it has always been a pioneer in bag-in-box packaging, in which it has modern technology at the service of the necessary quality. It has distinction in this type of packaging.

The two bottle filling lines allow us to face any market or any client as a reality that incorporates certainties in the service provided. Thus acquired the response capacity to any challenge and any market.

The 2nd phase of construction ended in 2008 with the construction of the new wine-making unit, which includes modern production technology, stage area, area reserved for social reception and tasting session. On this date the storage capacity increased to 13.5 million liters.

Since 2015, we have carried out different investments that have raised the storage capacity to the current 23 million liters of availability, providing the company with the necessary means for the challenges ahead.

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