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The SIVAC, Ltd, founded in 1973, led since the experience and tradition of its wine and the result of the contribution of all professionals who work with her. The success of investment in more modern technology, places us among the best both nationally and internationally, there is now a relationship with almost all countries of Europe and beyond, especially to Germany, France, Belgium , Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc, and also Canada and Cape Verde, whose customers appreciate the dependence of our success.

Our mission
The SIVAC - Ideal for Wine Society of Aveiras de Cima, Lda, was born of an ideal of quality and service in an area in which these factors were not paramount. All these developments reflect our ideals, investing in new techniques and equipment, but not forgetting the tradition of wine production.

Recent years were characterized by a continued growth in performance of well-defined goals.
We are now a solid company, claims to respect and trust that our partners place in us. The SIVAC clearly benefits from the restructuring measures developed and constantly renewed. It is our continuous effort in search of better and ever more, the quality of our products and services, the rates of productivity and levels of achievement.

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